Red Bull sells almost 11.6bn cans in 2022

Red Bull sold almost 11.6 billion cans of its energy drink in 2022, according to figures published on its website.

Red Bull GmbH posted selected figures online that showed phenomenal growth last year.

The post read: “In 2022, 11.582 billion cans of Red Bill were sold worldwide, which means an increase of 18.1% compared to 2021, which was also very successful.

“Group sales grew by 23.9% from 7.816 billion to 9.684 billion euros.

“Sales, turnover and operating profit could be further increased and represent previously records in the company’s history.

“The main reasons for the positive figures are the excellent sales development in almost all Red Bull markets, as well as continued very consistent cost management and the ongoing intensification of corresponding brand investments.

“Red Bull is focusing future expansion on the core markets of Western Europe and the USA, on the future markets in developing countries and on further strengthening the ongoing 250ml packing unit and the roll-out of the ORGANICS by Red Bull range.

“At the end of 2022, Red Bull employed 15,779 people in 175 countries (end of 2021: 13,610 in 172 countries).

“Our growth and investment plans are again very ambitious for the 2023 financial year, provide for a continuation of the previous positive development and are – as is usual at Red Bull – financed from the operating cash flow.”

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