BrewDog expanding into China

Scottish-based brewery BrewDog is expanding into China after forming a joint venture with Budweiser China.

Their Punk IPA, Hazy Jane and Elvis Juice will be produced at Budweiser China’s new Putian craft brewery in the Fujian province.

Released images show how cans of the beverage will look in the new market.

It is also aiming to open more of its BrewDog branded bars to add to its existing location in Shanghai.

“We don’t want to be owned by ‘big beer’ but we do want to become a global beer business,” said Watt. “Most of our focus in putting our capital to work is international. The environment is very challenging in the UK.”

It follows a similar partnership that BrewDog made in Japan with Asahi in 2021, which they say has since doubled their sales in the country.

Watt added: Watt said: “We are very excited about further expansion into China. This is a genuinely transformational partnership which is going to bring BrewDog to every corner of the world’s biggest beer market, from a truly bespoke craft brewery which will help ensure the quality of our beers.

“Chinese drinkers love craft beer, but the sector is still very new.”

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