MPMA teams up with British Nutrition Foundation

The Metal Packaging Manufacturers Association (MPMA) has joined forces with British Nutrition Foundation to highlight to teachers the value canned food can contribute to a healthy, balanced diet.

The British Nutrition Foundation’s Food – A Fact of Life programme, managed in partnership with the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board, provides teachers with free educational resources which support the curriculum and qualifications for pupils aged three and up.

The programme also runs national continuing professional development training, including conferences, for educators throughout the year.

Robert Fell, MPMA director and chief executive, presented at the British Nutrition Foundation’s January conference, which was attended by eighty delegates, highlighting the role canned food plays in a healthy balanced diet.

Fell commented: “By working with the British Nutrition Foundation, we’re able to reach teachers directly with our powerful message that canned foods are packed with nutrients, affordable, and can play a vital role in providing a healthy balanced diet.

“Teachers play an important role in helping young people understand the importance of a healthy diet so it was good to have this opportunity to raise greater awareness of the nutritional value and culinary possibilities of canned food.”

As part of Fell’s presentation, Canned Food UK ambassador and TV chef, Theo Michaels, contributed a specially recorded video highlighting the sustainability attributes of cans and in particular their status as a permanently available material that can be endlessly recycled.

Michaels added: “Canned foods are ingrained in our culinary history and are a vital part of our staple diet through our partnership with Canned Food UK we’re showcasing the variety of dishes and recipes that can be created from ingredients found in the can.”

Frances Meek, education services manager at the British Nutrition Foundation, said:  

“Feedback following the MPMA session has been very positive with many delegates stating that it made them rethink their perceptions of canned food and appreciate its versatility and sustainability credentials.”

Fell concluded: “This is just the beginning of our relationship with the British Nutrition Foundation and we will be looking to support the Foundation with its work with teachers, schools, universities and through their national Healthy Eating Week later in the year. Watch this space!”

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