Sunak visits Northern Ireland Coca-Cola canning plant

UK prime minister Rishi Sunak visited the Coca-Cola canning and bottling plant in Lisburn, Northern Ireland, with Brexit on the agenda.

Sunak announced on Monday a new Brexit deal with the EU, dubbed The Windsor Framework. This has changed Northern Ireland’s place within the EU’s single market by eradicating some EU-imposed checks that had to be carried out on goods heading west over the Irish sea.

He headed to the Coca-Cola facility in the country where he addressed the media.

Speaking at a the canning and bottling site in Lisburn, he said: “If we get this right, if we get this framework implemented, we get the executive back up and running, Northern Ireland is in the unbelievably special position, the unique position in the entire world in having privileged access not just to the UK home market, which is the fifth biggest in the world, but also the European Union single market.

“Nobody else has that. No one – only you guys only here. And that is the prize. I can tell you, when I go around the world and talk to businesses, they say: ‘That’s interesting.’ Nowhere else does that exist. It’s like the world’s most exciting economic zone.”

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