UK government could block launch of Scotland’s DRS

Viridor TOMRA

The UK government could block the launch of Scotland’s Deposit Return Scheme [DRS], according to reports.

The Times claims government ministers will look to veto the plans that are set to come into force in August and, require a 20p deposit on cans and bottles.

This is due to rules governing the post-Brexit internal market, whereby good produced in, or imported into, one part of the UK and comply with requirements there can be sold elsewhere without needing to follow the requirements in that jurisdiction.

This could lead to Scottish producers being put at a disadvantage as other producers in the UK would not be required to add on the 20p cost.

It is the latest blow for the DRS in Scotland that has come under fire and suffered lengthly delays.

Concerns have been raised about the costs to producers and also those passed onto consumers.

SNP leadership candidate Kate Forbes said over the weekend that should would delay the introduction of the scheme following a ‘wave of concern’ by businesses.

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