Wildpack announces company update

Wildpack has announced its January 2023 sales and production highlights, a resignation from its board of directors and has filed for a change in auditor.

Operations Update

The company achieved impressive results in January 2023, with confirmed customer orders totalling $5,274,213 and confirmed sales orders of 237.

One of the key highlights of the month was the 49 new customer conversions, demonstrating the company’s continued ability to attract and retain new clients, at increasing size and at higher rates.

This growth reflects Wildpack’s commitment to providing high-quality products and exceptional customer service.

In terms of production, the company recorded a total throughput of 23,000,662 cans and achieved a high level of efficiency with a plant utilisation rate of 26%.

The decoration throughput was 3,468,972 cans, while the filling throughput was 1,983,466 cans.

Wildpack also produced a near record number of printed sleeves, with a throughput of 3,868,788 sleeves.

The brokering throughput was 13,679,436 cans, showcasing the company’s versatility and ability to provide a wide range of comprehensive services to its customers.

Wildpack is committed to maintaining its high standards of quality and service and is looking forward to continued growth and success in the coming months.

“We are thrilled with the January 2023 results, and we are proud to have made such a strong start to the year,” said Thomas Walker, chief growth officer of Wildpack.

“Our team has worked hard to achieve these results, and we are confident that our commitment to excellence and building momentum will continue to drive our success.”

Board Update

The company also announces that Kim Murray has resigned from the board of directors effective immediately.

Kim maintains her role as VP, packaging services with Wildpack.

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