Benefit launches new skincare line in aluminium packaging

Benefit Cosmetics has launched a new skincare line that is packaged in 100 per cent recyclable aluminium.

The six-piece POREfessional ‘pore care’ range has been specially developed to help minimise, clear, and smooth the look of pores.

The range includes:

  • The POREfessional Deep Retreat Mask – a pore-clearing clay mask
  • The POREfessional Good Cleanup Foam Cleanser – Pore-purifying foaming cleanser
  • The POREfessional Tight n Toned Toner – a pore-refining AHA+PHA toning foam
  • The POREfessional Get Unblocked Oil Cleanser – a pore-clearing makeup-removing oil cleanser
  • The POREfessional Speedy Smooth Pore Mast – a quick smoothing pore mask
  • The POREfessional Smooth Sip Moisturiser – a lightweight smoothing moisturiser for pores.

Maggie Danielson, Chief Beauty Ambassador, said: “Over the years we have been able to unlock a lot of skin secrets that maybe people wouldn’t necessarily come to Benefit for. 

“During the brow service, consumers have an aesthetician doing their brows, and part of this service is a skin assessment. 

“Our team discover the things that people are troubled with and haven’t found solutions for. 

“In that, we found people still didn’t have the right solutions for their pores. There aren’t actually a whole lot of pore products out there.”

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