Day One Beverages switch to slim cans

Natural CBD sparkling water and wellness brand Day One Beverages has announced a refresh to the design of their classic CBD Sparkling Waters. 

The sparkling waters are now available in Slim Can form that the brands says is to heighten consumer experience and make the benefits of RTD CBD increasingly more accessible.

Day One’s new redesign provides a “heightened alcohol-free indulgence”, with the look and feel of a hard seltzer, but made with real fruit juice, no added sugar and zero-calories. 

A press release said: “With the use of simple, healthy and functional ingredients, Day One’s Sparkling CBD Water is formulated to aid consumers in overcoming daily anxieties by helping them reset, refresh and move forward mindfully.”

Chris Clifford, Founder & CEO of Day One Beverages, said: “When we look at the current landscape of beverages aiming to heighten experiences, we saw an opportunity to redesign our cans to reflect our business priorities better and communicate to our consumers. 

“Our new design choices reflect the initiatives we’re taking to improve consumer experience with Day One, without compromising our affordability and efficacy.”

In addition to the slim can, the new packaging also features coloured rings on the top of each can so consumers can clearly distinguish the brands three flavour offerings – Lemon, Lime, and Grapefruit. 

The redesigned slim cans are available for $3 per can or $36 per 12 pack on and at select retailers across the US. 

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