Guinness launches Nitrosurge in UK

Guinness has launched its Nitrosurge in the UK, which is an innovative device which allows beer fans to perfect the famed two-part pour from cans at home.

The pocket-sized device uses ultrasonic technology to create the classic Guinness surge with perfectly formed nitrogen bubbles delivering satisfyingly smooth Guinness every time.

Guinness Nitrosurge is now available exclusively in selected Tesco stores across the UK.

Drawing on Guinness’ proud 264-year history of brewing brilliance, the Nitrosurge device has been created by a team of Guinness innovators, designers, and taste experts. 

At the core of each device sits an ultrasonic transducer with a specifically tuned wavelength and frequency to deliver a signature surge every time.

The device is activated by clipping the Nitrosurge device onto the top of a Guinness Nitrosurge can, before pushing the button and pouring. 

The resulting pour is unmistakably Guinness, featuring the iconic dark, ruby red liquid and creamy domed head.

Following its roll-out across Ireland in September 2021, the UK launch marks the next step in Nitrosurge’s expansion across Guinness’ global markets, having also launched in Singapore in late 2022.  

Commenting on the exciting new launch, Neil Shah, Head of Guinness GB, said: “We know people want the option of enjoying the iconic two-part pour and the cold, smooth taste of Guinness wherever they are, which is why we are excited to launch Nitrosurge in the UK. 

“With Nitrosurge, we’ve pushed the boundaries of technology to give Guinness fans an enhanced pouring experience which delivers beautiful, great tasting Guinness, every time.”

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