Innosen releases enhanced version of Industry Standard IS9651 Hoverprobe II

Innosen has released the newest version of the Hoverprobe – the IS9651 Hoverprobe II.

This tool was designed with precision to minimise operator variance experienced by a lot of can makers when measuring the lacquer thickness applied on metal sheets.

The enhanced Hoverprobe II has a new scratch-resistant metal base plate that serves as an alternative metal sheet contact instead of a crocodile clip – an industry-first and only innovation.

Stronger & more durable cables with polyurethane jacket.

The clever internal construction provides durability and cost-efficiency when it comes to maintenance. The cables are built stronger with a polyurethane jacket for better connection and protection against electronic damage.

Significant improvements in the probe tips can also be seen in this upgraded version as it is easier to replace and has a faster settling time, allowing can makers to start taking measurements sooner.

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