Novelis to feature in new docuseries

Novelis Aluminium

Novelis will be featured in the upcoming Earth docuseries with John Holden that airs from this Sunday.

In this episode, viewers learn how Ansys helps companies like Climeworks design greener processes; Novelisproduces low-carbon aluminium; CIAC makes the chemical industry more sustainable; Zehnderaddresses cleaner air systems; and InQube designs durable, recyclable apparel.

First, John travels to the frozen tundra of Iceland — to find out how a company called Ansys is helping Climeworks design the revolutionary direct air capture and storage plant known as “Orca.” It’s just one example of how Ansys’ industry-leading multiphysics simulation solutions help companies develop innovative, life-changing processes and products. With Ansys, engineers can see how their designs work in real world scenarios without the need for physical testing.

Co-host Andrea Ocampo finds out how Novelis leads the recycling revolution, as the top manufacturer of low-carbon, sustainable aluminium products. Novelis provides best quality, innovative solutions for the beverage, automotive, aerospace and specialty industries. The company is the world’s leading recycler of beverage cans – repurposing more than 80 billion every year.

John visits the Chemistry Industry Association of Canada to discuss its “Responsible Care” initiative. He finds out how essential the chemical industry is to creating a carbon-neutral, pollution-free, circular society. CIAC members are committed to resource conservation, maintaining clean water and air, and lowering greenhouse gas emissions. 

Next, Andrea explores how Zehnder Clean Air Solutions improves air quality in work environments. Zehnder units filter air of dust, mist, smoke, and other pollutants – which accumulate throughout a manufacturing or warehouse facility, affecting equipment operation, productivity, and employee health. 

Finally, John goes to Sri Lanka to find out how garment manufacturer InQube is improving its environmental profile by designing desirable, durable clothes – so people wear them longer, and recycle them. InQube strives to be the spark that ignites the next industrial revolution in the apparel sphere. 

The docu-series EARTH with John Holden airs Sunday, March 19th at 5:00 pm ET on Fox Business Network; Sunday, March 26th at 3:30 pm ET and Sunday, April 2nd at 3:30 pm ET on Bloomberg TV; and Sunday, March 26th at 10:00 am ET on BNN Bloomberg Canada. EARTH with John Holden is also available on the streaming platforms Vimeo, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Google TV, and YouTube.

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