Source Global acquires Proud Source Water

Source Global has announced the acquisition of spring water brand Proud Source Water.

Proud Source offers naturally alkaline water in recyclable aluminium bottles that can be found at retailers across the US and is also a certified B Corp.

CEO and founder, Cody Friesen, said “Our Hydropanels allow us to establish a source of clean, sustainable water almost anywhere on the planet, without the need to extract from existing freshwater resources”. 

“The technology is powered entirely by the sun, and the water is produced from vapour in the air, making it a truly renewable approach.”

Proud Source currently sources from sustainable springs in the Rocky Mountains and Florida’s Apalachicola National Forest. It will expand its portfolio to include water produced via Source Global’s tech.

Arrays of Hydropanels are to be installed at Proud Source’s bottling facilities, enabling the brand to offer “renewable water sourced from the air and delivered in infinitely recyclable packaging”.

“Proud Source Water was launched with the commitment to deliver the cleanest and most sustainable water on the planet,” said president CJ Pennington. “Now, with the renewable water technology Source brings to the process, we are able to take that pledge to an unprecedented level.”

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