Premixed vodka brand swaps glass for aluminium cans

Mishka, a premixed vodka drinks brand, has switched from glass bottles to 300ml slim cans for its premixed beverage range.

The five flavours available are: Lemon Lime & Bitters; Zing Zesty Lemon; Sweet Raspberry Mango; Watermelon Guava; and Tropical Pineapple lime. 

From April 18, a new variety pack will be available that will contain two of each flavour and be called “Mix it up a little”.

The beverage cans used are made from 60% recycled aluminium and are fully recyclable.

“The announcement of Mishka’s brand refresh and new brand platform, ’Mix it up a little’, lends itself to the changing and ever-fluid cultural landscape of youth culture today,” said the company. 

“Mishka represents all colours of life celebrating confidence, self-expression and positivity among human interaction.”

The new Mishka mixed 10-pack will retail with an RRP of $34.99. 

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