Wildpack achieves new records in February 2023

Wildpack has announced its results for February 2023.

Confirmed customer orders reached a new record in February, with a total of $7,206,225, representing a significant increase over the previous month. February confirmed customer orders indicate an annualised 12-month forward run rate of $86.5 million.

The company also confirmed 245 sales orders and successfully converted 54 new customers during the month, both new records.

Total throughput in February was 28,019,901 cans, including filling throughput of 2,750,027 cans, 16,825,388 cans were brokered during the month and printed sleeve throughput of 4,527,049 sleeves, all record-breaking breaking throughputs respectively.

Wildpack’s decoration throughput was also notable, with a total of 3,917,437 cans decorated.

The recent addition of Gavin Cook as director of printing operations has streamlined and enhanced both the company’s onboarding and production processes.

Each of Wildpack’s three production verticals all achieved new 1-week records for Week 8 of the production schedule, plus this momentum of operational efficiency already appears to be carrying through to the next month.

Despite these impressive results, the company remains committed to continuing to improve its operations and increasing its plant utilisation.

February plant utilisation was a near record at 32%, and Wildpack remains on track to its planned utilisation build-up into profitable operations.

Mitch Barnard, CEO, Wildpack commented: “We are proud of our collective achievements in February and we remain focused on delivering exceptional quality and service to our customers.

“Our commitment to efficiency and continuous improvement in delivering vertically integrated services is key to our long-term success.”

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