AMP partner with DJ Robin Shulz

German beverage producer Rhodius has clubbed together with legendary DJ Robin Schulz to launch a range of on-point canned mate drinks, under the label “Robin Schulz x My Mate”.

Mate is a naturally stimulating herbal infusion, traditionally drunk in South America and fast becoming an international beverage trend.

Recognising the appeal of this caffeine-rich ingredient for young and adventurous consumers, Rhodius has created three diverse mate-based drinks packed in Ardagh Metal Packaging (AMP) cans with a dazzling look-and-feel that will attract style-conscious partygoers and nightlife fans.

The cool graphics on each can in the Robin Schulz x My Mate range focus on a stylised portrait of Germany’s best-known DJ himself, while “scribbled” faces in the background are based on Schulz’s trademark tattoos, as well as suggesting a lively club full of dancers.

Across the three packs, the luxurious design takes a seductive palette of black, gold and silver and enhances it by deploying several of AMP’s customisation options.

My Mate Vodka, at 10.1% ABV, is the ideal companion for party nights with friends, dressing for the occasion in a gorgeous black 330ml Sleek can with gold shell and black tab.

The alcohol-free version, My Mate, is a great daytime option at work or on the go – as well as for alcohol-free clubbers, of course – and its stunning 330ml Sleek gold can with gold shell and black tab makes sure it still brings a celebratory vibe.

Meanwhile, My Mate Secco (5.5% ABV) comes in a 250ml AMP wine can: a special pack which has been designed to preserve wine-based drinks at their best. My Mate Secco boasts a silver body with extra pink highlights, finished with a silver shell and pink tab.

All three packs use AMP’s Matte Impact finish, an overvarnish which makes the cans feel great in the hand as well as setting them apart visually.

With decades of expertise in at-source mineral water filling, Rhodius will fill the Robin Schulz x My Mate cans itself, having just added a third can filling line to its facility in Burgbrohl, Germany.

Lisa Etchemendy, senior product manager at Rhodius, said: “For us, the can is the ideal packaging for this exciting cooperation with Robin Schulz. It has the ideal consumption size and reflects the values ‘young, modern, convenient’, so it’s perfect for our target market.”

She added: “Ardagh’s graphics team worked with us to achieve the dynamic ‘night-time’ look we wanted – particularly hitting the right gold tone, which can be a challenge – and we’re thrilled with the finished result.”

Gerlof Toenhake, director regional sales at Ardagh Metal Packaging – Europe, said: “This has been a great collaboration with Rhodius, who’ve cleverly used our value-adding features to make each can distinctive but create a strong and coherent aesthetic across the range. With these cans, you can almost feel the beats coming through the floor.”

The Robin Schulz x My Mate range is available in Germany at various supermarkets including REWE, EDEKA, Globus, and Netto, as well as at a dedicated online shop:

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