Global canned tuna market to be worth $12.2bn by 2028

The global canned tuna market was worth $8.91 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach a valuation of $12.2 billion by 2028, registering a CAGR of 4.6%, according to a new report.

Tuna is a type of saltwater fish belonging to the family of Scombridae. Also known as Thunnini, these fish are high in protein but low in calories and therefore offer a wide range of health benefits. 

They are also enriched with the goodness of omega 3, b-complex vitamins, minerals, and iron, among others. 

They can be preserved for a long time. Tunas are preserved in cans and are sold across delis, food outlets, retail stores, and supermarkets. 

Canned tuna has been gaining immense popularity across the globe since they are healthy, affordable, easily accessible and have a long shelf life.

Growing health cognisance among the masses, rising popularity of ready-to-eat items, and technological advancements in the food processing sector are primarily augmenting outlook of this business sphere.

Alongside, rising prevalence of chronic and lifestyle disorders, the booming e-commerce sector, along with the affordability of canned tuna are creating lucrative opportunities for this market vertical to prosper. 

Moreover, escalating demand sustainably caught and packaged tune is another crucial expansion propellant for this industry.

Furthermore, surging disposable income levels of the masses, elevating nutritious seafood demand, and rising popularity of frozen food are adding momentum to the progression of the Global Canned Tuna Market.

On the contrary, rising veganism trends are likely to hinder the remuneration scope of this business vertically in the ensuing years.   

American Tuna, Bumble Bee Foods, Dongwon Industries, Thai Union Group, The Tuna Store, Wild Planet, Crown Prince Inc., Natural Sea, Century Pacific Food, Frinsa del Noroeste, Hagoromo, and Others are the prominent players defining the competitive terrain of the Global Canned Tuna Market.

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