Heineken faces fine over failure to comply with deposit rules

Heineken is facing a fine of up to €1 million if it continues to flout new rules for deposits on beverage cans in the Netherlands.

The country expanded its deposit return scheme (DRS) to include cans from 1 April.

Heineken is still producing cans without the new deposit logo, despite the new rules having come into force this month.

In a statement, The Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT) said: “Deposits on cans has been mandatory since 1 April, but the brewery still produces cans without a deposit that are placed on the Dutch market. 

“With this, the company is breaking the law, because all new cans must be provided with a deposit logo. 

“The penalty is 15 cents per wrongly marketed can, up to a maximum of 1 million euros. If there is still no compliance when this maximum amount is reached, the ILT can increase the penalty.”

Karin Visser, director of supervision and investigation at the ILT added: “The ILT closely monitors compliance with the law, because deposits help against litter and are important for the circular economy. 

“We are confident that Heineken will do its utmost and will have its cans with a deposit on the market as soon as possible.”

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