Meadow and DRT form strategic partnership

Introducing the world’s first infinitely recyclable metal cartridge for the personal care market…

Spring 2023 sees the exciting new launch of a new dispensing system, that will revolutionise the consumer experience in the personal care market. Celebrating the essence of the beverage can in 330ml sleek can format with future compatible sizes to follow, Meadow has created a unique end and dispenser system that can be refilled time and time again.

The beverage can cartridge, which is made from infinitely recyclable metal packaging, creates an exciting user experience and also provides brand owners opportunities to comply with ambitious circular economy and net zero ambitions.

Re:Fill and Re:Use

Meadow is the brainchild of Nick Paget, Victor Ljungberg and Peder Stubert. Based in Sweden, the company’s mission statement is to convert all packaging solutions into circular solutions. With ambitions to create packaging solutions that transform an outdated and wasteful system, Meadow’s product portfolio is inspired by nature, where waste from one organism is nutrition for another. No resource is squandered – everything is used – just like a meadow…

“We have extensive in-house and partnership expertise in industrial design, user research, equipment design and mechanical engineering,” explains Nick Paget, co-founder. “As a result, we were able to take this project to a point of fidelity that demonstrated proof of concept and buy-in from consumers and FMCG clients.

“Recognising the complex precision engineering that is required in the metal packaging process, we quickly acknowledged that we did not have the metal forming expertise and measurement know-how to achieve the accuracy and repeatability we needed to validate the end design. With this in mind, we reached out to industry specialists, to utilise the existing infrastructure available.”

DRT Holdings – the future of precision and automation

Realising the need for some end-making expertise, Meadow has been implememting CDL’s 202 optimised shell for the basis of its end. CDL in turn recommended DRT Holdings, to help develop its score residual panel geometry that could be validated to production standard.

“As the world’s largest high-precision tooling supplier globally, DRT is delighted to provide Meadow with an end solution that can be made at scale for the consumer market,” explains Will Hoffman, DRT Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “With a history of innovation, having developed the integral rivet for Easy Open Ends in 1959, we have revolutionised the way consumers have interacted with food and beverages, and we’re excited to be part of another exciting innovation in the metal packaging industry. This time in the personal care market.”

With DRT’s support, Meadow has launched a 12-month development project, for a proprietary end and dispenser system project. Co-founder, Victor Ljungberg, continues the story: “Together with DRT we have agreed on a project that ironically removes the integral rivet (the feature they invented) and replaced it with a score residual that is opened using a proprietary dispensing system, compatible with industry-standard lotion pumps.

“We have developed the dispensing system alongside DRT for consumers to purchase once and use time and time again, by refilling the infinitely recyclable cartridge.

“The dispensing system introduces a new user experience to the personal care market that celebrates that uniqueness of the beverage can.”

Alongside the end and dispenser system, Meadow’s team is working closely with equipment manufacturers and world-leading coatings experts to develop other complementary systems.

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