Roeslein Poland opens doors to new facility

Roeslein Poland has officially cut the ribbon on a new facility on April 27 during an open house ceremony.

In 2019, Roeslein & Associates acquired MCS Technology and rebranded the operation as its Roeslein Poland facility. At the same time, the company purchased 12 acres of land to develop. After several years, construction, renovations, and expansions are complete, and a new manufacturing facility is ready to be unveiled.

The renovations to the current facilities will allow Roeslein’s Poland team to better organise its departments and workflow, as well as allow an increase in production capacity and the manufacturing of larger modules. 

Each department will also have dedicated areas to improve efficiency and streamline operations for a quicker output of units, leading to reduced project times.

“In the past, we’ve been very limited on space and unable to work as quickly as we’d like,” said Project Manager Michal Druzkowski. “This new space will give us a chance to develop and speed up our production to continue to give our customers the fastest return on their investment with the highest quality in the industry.”

A new 60,000-square-foot facility was added that will be used primarily for conveyance assembly, unitising, and preassembly. 

New automated manufacturing and finishing equipment, including a state-of-the-art powder coating system, was installed throughout.

“With the recent manufacturing opportunities we have been awarded in Europe, planning and executing the work in our current facility has been challenging, to say the least,” said Rob Campbell, Division President, Manufacturing. 

Roeslein Poland opened the doors to its new facility

“Our new facility will more than double our fabrication and assembly space. This, coupled with our investment in automated manufacturing and finishing equipment, will allow us to increase our output and improve our project schedules. 

“Our Dębno, Poland facility and our Polish and Ukrainian staff members are a shining example of Roeslein’s commitment to manufacturing excellence and customer satisfaction.”

Over the last year, the Poland office has increased output by 74%. This finalisation of this expansion will continue to aid in the drastic increase in production, allowing Roeslein to serve its European customers better.

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