More than half of UK adults believe cans better for environment

More than half of UK adults believe cans are better for the environment than other forms of beverage packaging and 80% believe cans are easy to recycle, according to new research by the Can Makers, the trade body representing drinks can manufacturers in the UK.

The research also confirmed that 70% of UK adults think cans are the most convenient form of beverage packaging for outdoor occasions whilst 69% believe that cans are the best option for drinks on-the-go. Overall, 58% of UK adults agree that aluminium cans are the most convenient form of packaging for any occasion.

Tim Conybeare, chairman of the Can Makers said: “Sustainability is more important than ever to consumers, but we know that people don’t want to sacrifice convenience.

“This new research has confirmed that consumers love cans for their convenience as well as their robust environmental credentials. The survey also revealed that half of UK adults believe cans help to reduce waste of left-over beverages (48%), as well as being easier to chill (64%), and making portion control easier (67%).”

It follows a survey conducted by Metal Packaging Europe (MPE) which showed that more than 75% of consumers would choose the beverage can over other packaging formats, once they were aware of the can’s sustainability benefits.

Mr Conybeare added: “The variety of beverages now available in cans is greater than ever before and in the last few years we have seen unprecedented growth as consumers recognise that high quality wine and bar-quality cocktails for instance, are now readily available in cans.

“In fact, our research showed that more than 40% of UK adults would like to see more cocktails in cans – and this rises to 55% of consumers aged between 45 and 54. At the same time we are seeing an increasingly wide variety of more sophisticated soft drinks being launched in cans and our survey has confirmed that among younger consumers between 18 and 24 years of age, 55% would like to see more fruit juice in cans.

“We know that cans are already the most recycled beverage packaging format in the world and a recent Co-op report revealed that ethical consumerism is now worth £122 billion in the UK. I therefore have no doubt that the number of consumers choosing cans as the sustainable, easy to recycle and convenient option will continue to rise in the months and years ahead.

“As more brands adopt or launch their products exclusively in cans, I look forward to supporting our members and stakeholders as we work towards a more circular economy and sustainable beverage packaging value chain. I’ve no doubt that the future of drinks is in the can.”

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