WALLRAM Poland’s relocation complete

The relocation of WALLRAM Poland’s operations to brand new buildings and workshop in Krakow is now complete.

The new location is fitted out with state-of-the art technology as WALLRAM also have invested in new machines and equipment for faster turnaround times while maintaining highest precision standards.

Not only does the new location give the company the opportunity for further production capacities, it also gives it access to a wider pool of talent and better infrastructure.

Jürgen Seel, the managing director of the group, said: “After successfully implementing the largest investment program in the company’s history for machines and systems in 2021/2022, this is another important step for the WALLRAM Group in expanding its global position as one of the leading tool manufacturers for the metal packaging industry.

“This shows that we are a reliable partner who plans for the long term and is not driven by short-term profit.”

Under the slogan Can Tooling & Engineering, WALLRAM says it offers best quality tools with highest precision for the production of cans, bottles, tubes and other metal packaging.

In addition, WALLRAM attaches great importance to the selection of the best materials for each tool and application and application-related advice from specialists at all locations.

With its three locations in Germany, Poland and the USA, WALLRAM has been a global partner of the metal packaging industry for more than 50 years.

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