AkzoNobel launches new end coating

AkzoNobel Packaging Coatings has launched Accelshield 700, a styrene-free and Bisphenol-free beverage end internal coating that can be integrated within existing manufacturing processes to address the expected surge for alternative coatings to meet both current and future regulations.  

Accelshield 700 provides the metal can packaging industry with a viable and safe alternative for even the most challenging foods and liquids.  

Accelshield 700, the new beverage end coating, does not use BPA or any Bisphenol based epoxies as part of its manufacturing process, so it is BPX-Ni (BPX non-intent), and it complies with both Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and EU regulations.   

It’s the first BPX-Ni beverage-end internal coating that AkzoNobel has brought to the market and the launch comes at a crucial time for coil coaters and can makers, and their customers, who will be in need of BPA and Bisphenol-free alternatives following the anticipated BPA restrictions in metal packaging of food and beverage products from the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).  

Experts believe this anticipated restriction will drive an industry-wide shift towards coatings solutions free of BPA based epoxy resins. AkzoNobel Packaging Coatings is launching Accelshield 700, to help meet the expected rise in demand as manufacturers transition to a BPA-free environment, helping mitigate disruption to production lines. 

Crucially, Accelshield 700 has been designed for use with the vast majority of beverages, including those with high acidity or high temperature sterilisation processes such as yoghurt drinks, milk, and coffee. It can withstand the acid retort (250°C for 30 minutes), and pasteurisation process (200°C for 30 minutes).  

In addition to passing AkzoNobel’s own internal verification processes, the product has passed customer trials and sensory tests with a range of beverage brands. Several leading soft drink and beer companies are already using the new coating.  

Chris Bradford, Industrial Coatings marketing director at AkzoNobel, believes Bisphenols are no longer needed in state-of-the-art metal can packaging to create safe coatings: “Customers need support in making the transition,” he explains.  

“The introduction of BPX-Ni coatings is a huge turning point for the industry, but unlikely to be the last.  Although the transition away from BPA will prove challenging in the short term, Accelshield 700 is a significant innovation which will help can makers to not only adjust to the new regulatory environment with minimal disruption to their existing manufacturing processes, but also to future proof their selection with a product free of all bisphenols. It is yet further tangible proof of our commitment to our People, Planet, Paint sustainability pledge. 

“If you are a coil coater, can maker or brand owner, we’ve got you covered. We are urging customers to get prepared for the transition; to start the testing and approval process for alternatives like Accelshield 700 now so that you are ready to drop it in when you need to.” 

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