AkzoNobel unveils Safety Through and Through

AkzoNobel Packaging Coatings has revealed its robust product development process ‘Safety Through and Through’ to emphasise the critical importance of prioritising safety in the creation of its packaging coatings from inception through to launch.  

The Safety Through and Through process is a formalisation of the framework AkzoNobel Packaging Coatings has had in place for decades.

It has been developed to ‘design out’ unintended consequences, and to ensure that all new coatings are ‘future-proof’ by being compliant with future regulations, thus minimising the risk of supply chain disruptions and product recalls.  

Safety Through and Through is a nine-step process that involves identifying new materials and chemistries; studying the existing literature and data on their safety and sustainability profiles; screening them for the ideal properties of coatings; and identifying how they may be impacted by future regulations. 

It also includes: formulating prototypes and subjecting them to rigorous testing; identifying candidate materials with strong potential; compiling scientific analysis and toxicity reviews for inspection by independent third parties and regulators; inviting customers to help with prototype testing; and submitting chosen and proven materials for regulatory body approval and third-party certification.  

This extensive process is intended to achieve three objectives: First, to anticipate change before it’s needed by monitoring the concerns of regulators across multiple jurisdictions and keeping abreast of the latest developments in toxicology and material science.

Second, the rigorous testing process by customers, regulators and independent third parties ensures that safety is prioritized throughout.

Third, inviting customers and suppliers to participate in the development process ensures that all new coatings are fit for the real world, not just the lab.

Chris Bradford, industrial coatings marketing director at AkzoNobel, believes that the Safety Through and Through process will provide reassurance to customers at a time when it’s needed most: “Typically, the entire process involves five to ten years of research, plus two years of development and a further year of safety testing,” he explained.

“This intentionally cautious approach is reflected in the longevity of our coatings, enabling our customers to operate without the threat of incoming regulations while reducing the risk of damaging and expensive product recalls.” 

Bradford says that the incoming regulations by the EFSA on Bisphenols show just how important it is to continue to proactively discover and develop new coating technologies that are free of current or anticipated materials of concern: “In revealing our product development process, we want to demonstrate our commitment to eliminating unintended consequences, and enduring safety that exceeds local and global regulatory compliance to ensure that people will be protected in the decades to come.” he concluded.

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