Can-Sized: Jeff Niederst, Sherwin-Williams

In this can-sized episode of The Metal Pack Pod, we’re joined by Jeff Niederst, Global Marketing Director of Beverage Coatings at Sherwin-Williams Packaging Coatings!

Jeff speaks with us about Sherwin-Williams’ new ValPure V70 technology and how it was presented at Metpack 2023.

Jeff has been with Sherwin-Williams (formerly Valspar Corporation) for 29 years and spent 24 of these years in Sherwin-Williams’ Research and Development group.

Prior to be appointed to Marketing Director, Jeff was previously the European Director of Technology and also the Global Director of Beverage Technology for the Sherwin-William’s Corporation.

During his time in R&D, Jeff led major new product developments during the industry’s transition to next generation technologies. Jeff is the principle inventor of Sherwin William’s ValPure® V70 Technology, which is now the preferred NBPA technology for aluminum beverage cand and ends.

He currently holds 40 technology patents in the Packaging Coatings area and has another 57 technology patents pending.

Jeff majored in Chemistry and minored in Mathematics at the University of Pittsburgh where he earned a University Scholarship, Valspar Scholarship and Lord Scholar academic awards.

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