Carlsberg launches reduced calorie canned cider

Carlsberg Denmark is launching Somersby Apple Lite with 52% fewer calories than the original Somersby Apple Cider.

“Somersby Apple Lite is a refreshing cider with a mild sweetness complimented with fruity apple notes, similar in many ways to our existing Apple Cider, but with half the calories and a less sweet flavour profile,” says Allan Aagaard Jensen, brand manager for Somersby at Carlsberg Denmark.

More consumers are looking for an alternative to cider with fewer calories and less sweetness, according to Carlsberg.

“For a number of years, there has been a great demand for light and low-calorie products, and combined with the Danes’ continued strong focus on health, the time is right to launch Denmark’s first low-calorie cider, which more people are also demanding,” says Allan Aagaard Jensen and continues:

“Our ambition is to expand our cider category and offer an alternative to consumers who want a lower calorie cider that is also less sweet.”

Somersby Apple Lite has an alcohol content of 4.0%, even though it is a reduced-calorie version.

“Producing a low-calorie cider is complicated because flavour is the most important parameter, but after a lot of thorough and hard work, we now have a cider that we are sure consumers will enjoy. We see a clear trend in the market that more people want a less sweet cider variant, and of course we want to accommodate that,” says Allan Aagaard Jensen.

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