Kaapse Brouwers adopts AMP’s H!GHEND can end

Rotterdam’s Kaapse Brouwers is adopting the H!GHEND can end from Ardagh Metal Packaging (AMP), creating a unified new look across their whole range of craft beers.

Craft brewers Kaapse – who run their own brewery, filling line, and several venues – held a special party at their own bar, Kaapse Will’ns, to launch the new packs. 

The eye-catching H!GHEND end focuses on the company’s distinctive ‘K’ logo, repeated in a rainbow of individual colours and set off against an upper half of sophisticated white. 

“We wanted to make the most of the possibilities of H!GHEND,” said Tsomme Zijlstra, CEO of Kaapse Brouwers. 

“Suddenly we can have bright, beautiful colours on the shell, so we chose to express the K in the most vibrant colours we could, which all play off each other.”

Recognising the can’s sustainability and product-protective qualities, the company has always used AMP – Europe’s 330ml standard can via CanLab, using see-through labels on a brown base to delineate the range. 

With the introduction of the deposit return system in the Netherlands, CanLab have supported Kaapse to move to a base silver can with multi-coloured labels, adding the special H!GHEND end to bring their range together under one branding umbrella.

AMP’s H!GHEND customisation series uses versatile print technology to allow for HD images and millions of colours on the can shell for the first time, with virtually limitless possibilities for creativity. 

Zijlstra added: “This new look for our beer cans is fantastic – something really different and exciting at the top of the can. We’re binding the brand, emphasising the ‘K’, and reinforcing the fact that this is a Kaapse beer every time the customer picks it up.”

Gerlof Toenhake, Director Regional Sales at Ardagh Metal Packaging – Europe, said: “The brilliant H!GHEND design finishes off the Kaapse cans with such a great effect. 

“Bringing a range of different products together with one unifying design at the top is a really effective use of our H!GHEND, and we’re delighted to help our customers find new ways to boost their branding.”

The Kaapse Brouwers’ new cans with H!GHEND are available now across Benelux, in restaurants and bars – including Kaapse’s own three venues – and in supermarkets.

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