Kaytea switches from glass to slimline aluminium cans

Kaytea is switching its packaging from glass to slimline aluminium cans as well as introducing new flavours of cold brew tea.

It has recently secured listings with Sainsbury’s, Deliveroo, M&S, Zapp and Spinneys.

Kaytea founder, Kevin Tang, commented: “Having underpinned our reputation as a perfect soft drink that can pair with delicate foods (tie-ups with Sainsbury’s & M&S’s sushi counters), we’re now backing our urban listings with a move from glass to aluminium which is better suited to more urban-focused retailers like Zapp, WeWork & Deliveroo.”

He added: “I realised long ago that there’s a significant void in the soft drinks aisle that resides between bland sugary pop and overtly worthy functional brews. 

“Our primary focus has always been our tea prowess, which is why we visited over 250 tea estates to unearth the best providers of quality teas (black, white & green). Yes, we could have easily added blends of lab-made vitamins & minerals to claim some arbitrary health claims, but that seemed counter-intuitive to our quest to be known for best-in-class, organic ingredients.”

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