Boston Brewing Co. puts canning line up for sale

Boston Brewing Co. has put its Wild Goose canning line up for sale after starting to install a new canning line.

The brewery, based in Denmark, Western Australia, posted an ad on its Facebook page as it looks to find a new home once it has decommissioned its old canning line.

The post said: “Our new canning line is on the way and we are getting set to find our Wild Goose canning line a new home. If you are interested PM us!”

The full ad reads:

Wild Goose Canning line 

Location : Denmark, Western Australia

Commissioned 2016

Decommissioned: This equipment will be decommissioned and ready to freight in July 2023. Videos and FaceTime available or contact us to book a time to see it in action. 

Boston Brewing Co installed the Wild Goose canning line in 2016. The canning line is fully operational and runs at an average speed of 25-30 cans per minute. The canning line has been regularly maintained and all seamers and rollers have been replaced. 

The fill heads and seamer are currently set to run 375ml Classic cans with Orora 202 SuperEnd lids.  

This can be changed to other can styles and lids with the purchases of additional parts from Wild Goose. Training and installation advice can be negotiated.

Included in the sale:

Semi-auto depalletiser with push arm and single filer conveyor (Wild Goose)

Gravity twist rinse (Wild Goose)

4-head canning line and seamer (Wild Goose WGC-250)

Post fill rinse and dry (Wild Goose)

Straight conveyor with VSD (Autotronics)

Side grip conveyor suitable for date coding can bottom with VSD (Autotronics)

Extended U-shaped conveyor with VSD (Autotronics)

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