Can Makers research reveals can preference

New research by the Can Makers has confirmed that consumers prefer cans as they are convenient, easily recyclable, and keep drinks cold even during the summer months. A series of focus groups took place in Spring 2023, supplementing omnibus research carried out earlier in the year to gain a better understanding of the motivators driving consumers to purchase canned beverages.

It follows earlier research by the Can Makers which confirmed 60% of UK adults thought cans were the most convenient form of packaging.

Tim Conybeare, chairman of the Can Makers commented: “Our new research has confirmed that consumers love cans for their convenience and robust environmental credentials. I have no doubt that the number of consumers choosing cans as the sustainable, easy to recycle and convenient option will continue to rise in the months and years ahead.”

Findings showed that more than half of UK adults believe cans are better for the environment, and 80% believe cans are easy to recycle. Focus group participants claimed to prefer cans to plastic bottles as they are easier to recycle and are seen as a positive environmental choice.

The new research follows a survey conducted by Metal Packaging Europe (MPE) which showed that more than 75% of consumers would choose the beverage can over other packaging formats, once they were aware of the can’s sustainability benefits.

The focus groups also revealed that canned mixers such as tonic water or ginger ale are an increasingly popular option to reduce waste and save money, as cans offer consumers a convenient portion size so leftovers are not thrown away. The research also confirmed 67% of UK adults believe cans make portion control easier.

Mr Conybeare added: “The variety of beverages now available in cans is greater than ever before and in the last few years we have seen unprecedented growth as consumers recognise that high quality beverages are now readily available in cans.

“Our focus groups highlighted how much people enjoy canned beverages. Some respondents suggested that drinks from a can are normally more crisp, fresh, and refreshing than other alternatives. They also spoke of a ‘fresh fizz’ from cans which, when paired with an ice-cold drink in easy to chill cans, makes canned beverages extremely enticing.”

The Can Makers expect to see an increase in brands adopting or launching their products exclusively in cans as consumers become more aware of the benefits cans offer.

Mr Conybeare added: “There is a clear opportunity for brands to meet the demand for sustainable and easily recycled packaging while tapping into the many other advantages cans offer.”

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