Keystone Light introduces limited edition summer packaging

Keystone Light is ready for summer with a new look that celebrates the great outdoors.

The brand has introduced limited-time summer packaging that is an ode to the many outdoor spaces.

“Keystone Light is all about the outdoor life and we’ve been hearing from fans that they appreciate packaging that reflects that, too,” says Bill Holland, associate marketing manager for Keystone Light. 

“This is our tribute to wide-open spaces, summertime bonfires and the beauty of nature.”

The new packaging and UTV contest (details can be found here) are part of Keystone Light’s continued courtship of legal-age rural consumers, an important demographic that accounts for more than 60% of the brand’s sales. 

The beer has sought to create authentic connections with an audience that has a specific love of the outdoors, community and camouflage any time of the year.

That includes an ongoing partnership with outdoor lifestyle company Realtree, which features a Keystone Light custom camo pattern that’s appeared on hats, shirts, coolers – and this summer’s UTV.

Those efforts – plus the new summer packaging that debuted in April – have contributed to a lift for Keystone Light heading into beer’s busiest season. 

Keystone Light’s volume share of total beer has grown .05 points for the 13 weeks that ended June 4 versus last year, according to Circana multi-outlet and convenience store data. It’s outpacing volume share growth in the economy segment, as well, up .25 points compared to the segment’s .20 point-loss, Circana data show.

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