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Sensory Analytics

SpecMetrix Systems deliver continuous, real-time film weight data to plant quality and process teams…   


Sensory Analytics supplies highly precise SpecMetrix film weight and coating layer measurement systems to global can plants that supply 2-PC cans and 3-PC flat sheets for metal packaging.

The patented SpecMetrix ROI technology built into all SpecMetrix systems provides plant teams with a real-time display of continuous and absolute coating film weight data for wet or dry coatings immediately following application on any metal substrates. Industry leaders now prefer these tools to inefficient weight checks and less precise film weight methods that require constant calibration and are subject to operator error.

Powered by exclusive SA software and technologies, SpecMetrix systems deliver highly precise and continuous process data to help reduce plant costs, increase line efficiency, reduce environmental impact and waste streams. Only SpecMetrix systems deliver the level of data required to support maximum process control, plant process digitalisation, and enable closed loop film weight control for new or existing flat sheet coating lines.

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