Wyda South Africa becomes 300th ASI member

Wyda South Africa has joined ASI as a new Industrial Users member.

Wyda South Africa is the intercontinental expansion of the family owned packaging business “Wyda Industria de Embalagens” from Sorocaba, Brazil. Wyda focuses on the production of disposable aluminium foil containers, trays and dishes for the food producing and catering industry.

Chanel Swartz, internal sales at Wyda, said: “As one of the largest foil converters in Africa, we feel the need to align ourselves to ASI in order to improve our performance and scale up our progress on key environmental, social and governance issues.”

Wyda South Africa is also the 300th member to join ASI, building on the milestone of 200 in November 2021.

ASI was established as a not-for-profit entity on June 25, 2015, with the purpose of developing and launching the ASI certification program. At its inception, ASI had a total of 13 members. 

Over the span of nearly eight years, the organisation has experienced tremendous growth, especially since the introduction of the first version of ASI Standards in December 2017.

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