Baofeng holds inauguration ceremony in China

Baofeng Group Hubei Company has inaugurated its new factory and held a donation ceremony in Hanchuan City, Hubei province. Attending was Huang Jianjun, vice mayor of Xiaogan municipal government and secretary of Hanchuan municipal committee, government representatives. 

The commissioning of Hubei plant is an important layout in the development strategy of Baofeng Group. It marks that Baofeng Group, an enterprise that has been cultivating the market for ten years, is standing on a new starting point of development, and moreover, it marks that Baofeng will write a new chapter with a new starting point, a new level, a new posture and a new outlook.

Chen Yanfu, Chairman of the Group, delivered a speech of thanks at the ceremony, expressing his welcome and thanks to the leaders and guests from all walks of life, and expressing his sincere gratitude to Hanchuan Municipal Committee, municipal government, all partners and Baofeng team.

The commissioning of Hubei Baofeng means that Baofeng Group has two aluminum easy-open lid production bases, and Baofeng Group has stepped into the fast lane of development driven by two wheels. Baofeng is confident to maintain a strong leading edge in the future development competition.

In her speech, Vice Mayor Xiao, Standing Committee Member of Hanchuan Municipal Committee and Executive Vice Mayor of Hanchuan City, said that the Municipal Committee and Municipal Government will, as always, fully support and fully serve the development and growth of Baofeng Group in Hanchuan, try their best to create the most favorable environment and provide the best service to promote the project to be fully productive and efficient as soon as possible.

Ding Jianxiang, director of the Municipal Self-regulation Bureau, issued a certificate of verification of strict compliance with planning conditions for the completion of construction works to Wu Yunjia, president of the Group, and Li Guosheng, director of the Municipal Housing and Construction Bureau, issued a certificate of completion and acceptance filing to Chen Aju, vice president of the Group.

At the ceremony, on behalf of the company, Chen Yuanyang, director of Baofeng Group, donated 1 million RMB to the education fund of Hanchuan City for the education construction and rural revitalization of Hanchuan City.

As a leading enterprise in the segmented field of metal packaging in China, Baofeng Group always emphasises the development strategy of people-oriented and talent-strengthening as the priority, and not only ploughs deeply in its own field but also pays attention to the development of education in Hanchuan while creating material wealth. As a private enterprise, Baofeng is settled here and hopes to contribute to the construction of the surrounding villages and take up the responsibility to the country and the mission to the society with its own practical action.

Municipal leaders Huang Jianjun, Huang Hanqiao, Zeng Yaohua, Chen Qingqing, Chen Yanhe and Chen Yanfu of Baofeng Group took the stage to participate in the completion and commissioning ceremony of Baofeng Group’s Hubei company, to jointly promote the golden pole and help Baofeng Group’s business take off.

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