Club Colombia partners with CANPACK

When ABI Colombia’s Bavaria Brewery decided to repackage its flagship premium beers for a new generation, they turned to CANPACK. 

The three cans for the Club Colombia range tell a new story that appeals to contemporary perceptions of value among the younger consumers. 

These minimalist designs draw on the rich cultural heritage of Colombia’s diverse people. The cans carry subtle patterns that pay tribute to highly skilled and iconic crafts typical of three of the country’s regions.

The gold (dorado) label references the filigree metal work produced in the city of Santa Cruz de Mompox, which turns the legendary gold into an even more valuable treasure. 

The red (roja) label represents the hands that weave the caña flecha in the departments of Córdoba and Sucre and turn this material into the iconic vueltiao hat, a symbol of Colombian identity and Caribbean culture. 

And the black (negra) label evokes the precise and complex designs in Tamo de Nariño that remind that mastery lies in patience, delicacy and attention to detail. 

Álvaro de Luna, Bavaria’s Vice President of Marketing, says: “We want these labels to reflect the pride that makes us unique as a country, a symbol of our identity and our culture.” 

In recognition of this cultural tribute, Marca País, part of ProColombia, has been in charge of promoting the country’s positive image internationally, expressed its support for this renovation. The new designs were also launched at a national arts festival in April, a fitting occasion for cans that encapsulate such national pride.”

The labels proclaim the brewery’s proud claim: “Only here do we take what is good and turn it into something even better”. This applies to the skills of the native artisans as much as it does to the brewer’s craft, and this has synergy with CANPACK, too. 

“For us, a can is never just a can,” explains Camilo Perez Bustos, General Director, CANPACK Colombia. “It’s a means of communication.

“We make cans to create a feeling – to elevate what is good into something even better. We make cans that make connections between consumers and brands, between people, events, ideas and experiences.”

The finishing touch on the new Club Colombia cans is CANPACK’s special MATT varnish. “The cans are smooth to the touch with a velvety softness under the fingertips,” adds Camilo Perez Bustos. “This enhances the stylish designs and the premium character of the beers.”

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