DASH Water releases a new limited-edition flavour

DASH Water, a British canned sparkling water brand, has just released its new grapefruit flavour.

It’s the usual zero calorie, zero caffeine, zero added sweeteners or sugar, sparkling fruity water you’d expect from DASH. The essence of grapefruit comes through loud and clear, allowing you to enjoy the big citrus fruit in a whole new way.

It’s the brand’s first limited edition run, and there are just 300,000 of the silver cans available to order exclusively from dash-water.com or Ocado, until stock runs out.

Jack Scott, Co-founder of DASH Water, said: ‘An often-underrated fruit, we’ve decided to make grapefruit the star of the show this summer and prove that it is so much more than just a retro breakfast fad.’

It comes just months after DASH released a new lime flavour.

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