Tennent’s Lager cans get new look

C&C Group has revealed a new look to its Tennent’s Lager cans.

It is the first time in five years that the company has changed the way its aluminium cans look.

The re-design has been led by Thirst, who have given the brand a new visual identity.

Speaking about the makeover for the cans, Thirst’s creative director Matt Burns said: “This project is a dream come true. There’s so much passion for the brand – from our team, from the Tennent’s team, and from everyone in Scotland. We poured all of that into the design. It was essential we put the heart that goes into Tennent’s Lager onto the can. We re-visited the beloved iconography, adding depth and richness, and introduced new markers to tell the story of the quality and skill that bring the lager to life and re-energise the brand.”

Burns explained: “Scots are known for their optimistic outlook and the brand has always leveraged that energy to create uplifting, meaningful brand conversations. We set out to celebrate and amplify the position that Tennent’s represents in Scottish culture and beyond.”

C&C’s brand and marketing director (Beer) Paul Menzies, said: “Tennent’s Lager is one of Scotland’s most important and enduring brands. When approaching an evolution of its visual identity, we wanted to respect that history and heritage whilst looking to embrace more current trends and design elements. 

Menzies added: “This is not so much a revolution, but an evolution, and everything that is immediately recognised about Tennent’s Lager is still featured within the packaging and design. We want to make the arrival of a new Tennent’s Lager can an event to get people talking.” 

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