Aluminium is a key element of US infrastructure investment


Aluminum Association president & CEO Charles Johnson has released the following statement on the one-year anniversary of President Biden signing the Inflation Reduction Act:

“Infrastructure investment is buoying historic industry-sponsored capital spending – more than $6 billion announced for US-based aluminium projects over the past three years. Shifting consumer preferences toward more sustainable materials, a move toward electrification, bipartisan support for trade enforcement and infrastructure spending are all working together to make America a highly attractive place to make aluminium.

“Durable, corrosion resistant and sustainable, aluminium is a material tailor-made for 21st century infrastructure projects. Building America means building with aluminium.”

Like all manufacturing sectors, US aluminium benefits from reliable roads, bridges, electricity and other infrastructure. Aluminum is also a cornerstone material in American manufacturing, supporting aerospace, transportation, construction, electrical transmission and many other markets. The metal is a key element of any comprehensive strategy to enhance the nation’s infrastructure while conserving energy, improving environmental quality and mitigating climate change.

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