CANPACK sponsors Green Film Festival

The CANPACK Group is once again sponsoring the International BNP Paribas Green Film Festival. 

Held in Krakow since 2018, the festival showcases the work of movie makers who are passionate about protecting the future of our planet. 

From 13-20 August over 80 films on ecological themes will be shown in open-air cinemas along with workshops, discussion panels, live music and group activities. 

This is one of Poland’s largest artistic events, with millions of viewers and listeners able to participate both live and remotely thanks to streaming networks covering the event. 

The organisers of the Green Festival Foundation also run other events aimed at educating members of the public, especially younger people, about ways to better protect our planet.

The festival is co-organised by the UN Global Compact Network Poland, an initiative of the UN Secretary-General for Cooperation with Business. 

All festival sponsors have to comply with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Angelika Ogrocka, a spokesperson for the Green Festival Foundation, says: “We’re very happy that CANPACK is working with us again this year as it’s a company that is committed to maintaining these important standards.”

CANPACK will hold a special street event during the festival. This year audiences will be invited to take part in its ‘Recycling Challenge’. 

Amongst other activities, CANPACK will ask participants to arrange various kinds of packaging in order, from those that they perceive as being the easiest to recycle to those that they view as being difficult or impossible to recycle. 

Bartłomiej Wojdyło, Sustainability Director Europe at CANPACK adds: “We hope this playful task will trigger discussions about creating a truly circular economy, and help to clarify the differences between mono -and multi-material packaging. 

“We also hope it will raise awareness of the need to recycle what we use as much as possible.” 

CANPACK’s activities are planned for 18 August, starting at 5:00pm at the festival premises.

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