Aluminium Closures Group chair to serve another term

The Aluminium Closures Group (ACG) has re-elected Franco Bove as chair at its recent summer conference held, this year, in Thessaloniki, Greece. At the meeting members also elected Patrick Broom (Constellium) as the new vice-chair. A new member Ramondin, headquartered in Spain, was also accepted.

The ACG consists of the leading manufacturers of aluminium closures and their aluminium strips and sheets suppliers. They represent about 75% of global aluminium closure production which are mainly used in the wine, spirits, water and oil & vinegar markets.

Accepting his appointment Franco Bove, who is also COO of Guala Closures, said in a statement, “It is a privilege to continue to serve the industry which has done so much to revolutionise the wine and spirit sectors, particularly, in recent years. Not only are aluminium closures at the forefront of sustainability and waste reduction across all the markets we serve; but, thanks our technological abilities, we can serve our customers in far more flexible and environmentally impactful ways.”

“Of course, sustainability is at the centre of design and development initiatives and as an industry we are always looking at new ways to reduce our environmental impact. But we are also able to protect, promote and preserve the products we help to contain in new and exciting ways. Our industry is expanding its footprint, even in markets where consumption has dipped due to inflation and cost increases recently. By working together through ACG to face these and other challenges we are better able to meet and overcome them.”

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