Alupro comment on rumoured net-zero backtracking

Early yesterday (19th September), rumours emerged that Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s plans to backtrack on many of the government’s most ambitious net zero polices. Alongside dropping hard-hitting energy efficiency targets for rented properties and watering down the phase-out of gas boilers, this will most likely include ruling out long overdue proposals to reform kerbside recycling.

Tom Giddings, executive director of Alupro – the aluminium packaging recycling organisation, commented: “If the rumours are true, then we’re furious to learn about the government’s unapologetic failure to commit to its own net zero policies. Dropping, postponing and backtracking on legislation driving a more sustainable future isn’t in the best interests of the general public in any shape or form. These policies are vital to accelerating our national progress towards a greener, cleaner, more circular economy.

“If we really are serious about increasing recycling rates, reducing reliance on natural resources, embracing decarbonisation and creating a planet that our great grandchildren can inherit, then playing political football and passing the blame with yet more limp excuses shouldn’t even come into the equation. Indeed, recycling high volumes of packaging is the cornerstone of a circular economy – and it wouldn’t be unachievable if the government followed through on its own policy commitments! If we can’t get this right, how are we ever going to tackle the more challenging elements? Prime Minister, this simply isn’t good enough!”

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