Eviosys introduces ‘Horizon’ innovative

The new overcap Horizon is the first of its kind – and a brand-new innovation for the packaging sector which has the potential to make plastic overcaps a relic of the past. The new shallow metal overcaps are not only infinitely recyclable but also ultra-light weighted, which means fewer raw materials are needed for customers’ packaging, benefiting the environment.

Horizon will provide customers with a visually appealing and sustainable product whilst maintaining optimal product protection for dry storage cupboard essentials. With the Horizon overcaps on, tins become easily stackable for maximum efficiency, creating more space for consumers in their homes.  

Eco-conceived with less material and an ultra-shallow design, Horizon represents a step change in the sustainable packaging sector and enables brands to move away from outdated plastic caps and adopt innovative packaging design. Fully customisable, Horizon brings any dry product packed in metal cans a seamless qualitative look and feel.  

According to a 2021 report from Greenpeace, The British Plastics Federation estimates that 46% of the UK’s plastic waste is incinerated, 19% is exported, and 17% ends up in landfill. Using the Horizon metal overcap, Eviosys is facilitating the removal of environmentally harmful single-use plastic replacing it with 100% fully metal packaging.

In a recent consumer survey* conducted by Eviosys, 81% of consumers in Europe said they care about the environment, with three-quarters (74%) of respondents considering metal packaging more sustainable than plastic, yet this isn’t being reflected on supermarket shelves.

According to the Environmental Investigation Agency and Greenpeace, total plastic packaging used by the UK’s biggest supermarkets rose from an estimated 886,000 tonnes in 2017 to 903,000 tonnes in 2018. Many shoppers (62%) claim being angry or frustrated about this amount of plastic in supermarket aisles. With Horizon, Eviosys offers brands a product that will satisfy the growing environmentally conscious mindsets of end consumers. 

Olivier Aubry, chief commercial officer, at Eviosys, said: 

“Horizon is the latest example of Eviosys leading the sustainable packaging sector with action and not just rhetoric. Our continuous drive to facilitate the creation of sustainable packaging solutions through continuous innovation is providing our customers with cheaper, more effective and sustainable products.”

Horizon builds on Eviosys’ ambitious ESG programme, Preserve Together, using innovation to drive progress and sustainability in the sector. Utilising Eviosys’ extensive global R&D network, the company is leading the industry by example, proactively helping brands find sustainable alternatives to plastic waste and meet their sustainability commitments.

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