Luxury pet skincare brand releases new products in aluminium tubes

Luxury pet skincare and lifestyle brand DOG by Dr Lisa unveils its latest product launches in the U.S., the Soothing Balm and Coat Masque, specifically designed to address the unique skin needs of dogs combatting coat dryness or irritated skin. 

The products unveiled come in recyclable aluminium tubes.

As the temperatures drop, dry, flaky skin and dull, tangled hair can impact dogs just as it does humans. Dr Lisa Chimes, the Founder of DOG by Dr Lisa, empathises deeply with the challenge of maintaining healthy and moisturised skin during harsh weather conditions. D

rawing upon her expertise and passion, Dr Lisa Chimes formulated two organic products to ensure dogs of all ages and sizes can enjoy comfort and radiance, even in the coldest months.

“Through years of caring for pets, I’ve witnessed the undeniable impact of winter on their skin and coat. Simultaneously, we had heaps of customers asking for products that addressed these common concerns effectively,” said Dr. Lisa Chimes. 

“This motivated me to create solutions that embody our commitment to safe, cruelty-free, and eco-conscious petcare. We are always innovating and striving to make products that respond to our community’s needs.”

Soothing Balm ($18) 
A customer-favourite, DOG by Dr Lisa’s fragrance-free Soothing Balm is a carefully formulated salve packed with natural ingredients, such as soothing oatmeal, shea butter, Vitamin E, hydrating coconut oil, and vitamin-rich aloe vera. It provides a protective barrier to lock in moisture while also promoting healing and reducing irritation.

Whether your dog experiences dry paws, a cracked nose, or flaky skin, the Soothing Balm is the perfect solution for instant relief and preventative care safeguarding from secondary infections. This versatile balm is a game-changer for dogs of all ages, from youngsters with cracked paws due to their active lifestyle to seniors seeking comfort.

Coat Masque ($29) –
Step into the realm of luxury grooming with the DOG by Dr Lisa Coat Masque, a first-of-its-kind, deep-conditioning treatment infused with premium essential oils and nourishing plant extracts. Enriched with sea buckthorn oil, seaweed powder, jojoba, and cupuacu butter, this masque can be used weekly after a simple rinse, cutting down on shampoo use which can cause drying and further damage. This deeply nourishing formula revitalises and restores your pup’s coat, without stripping it of necessary oils. It also works wonders as a detangler for those with long hair.

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