ALC-A-CHINO set to unveil two innovations

Howie’s Spiked will unveil two “first to market” innovations at this year’s national beer wholesalers association (NBWA) show in Las Vegas, starting on Monday, October 9th.

ALC-A-CHINO oat milk lattes: 
A refreshing, premium, non-dairy option for coffee enthusiasts. Initially available in original and vanilla flavours with 6% ABV, these high-quality plant-based spirited beverages blend 100% Arabica coffee, pure cane sugar, 6x distilled vodka, and creamy oat milk. As with all ALC-A-CHINO products, they are without any artificial colors, flavours, or preservatives.

ALC-A-CHINO 200ml clear can lattes: 
Where quality meets transparency…these award-winning spirited lattes, with an impressive 13.5% ABV, now come in a single-serving package in three flavours: original, mocha, and vanilla bean bourbon. Crafted with 100% Arabica coffee, premium spirits, real dairy, and pure cane sugar, these clear cans deliver exceptional taste with an added level of convenience. Look for them at the front of your favorite store.

Vince Gioe, chief coffee officer, expressed his excitement, saying, “Our non-dairy latte and 200ml clear can offerings mark the next chapter in a series for the ALC-A-CHINO spirited coffee shoppe experience, as we revolutionise the hard coffee category with premium ingredients and packaging.”

ALC-A-CHINO products are already making waves in twenty states, and these new offerings will gradually roll out in the coming months similarly. Premium malt versions, which equal the experience of the spirited offerings, will also be available in select states.

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