DRT and OEE enter a Preferred Partnership Agreement

DRT Holdings has announced the signing of a Preferred Partnership Agreement with OEE Container Technology Limited. Through this global agreement, OEE will promote DRT Easy-Open-End (EOE) Conversion Systems and CMC Compound Liner Systems as the preferred solution for consulting and engineering projects. In return, DRT has agreed to use OEE as turn-key provider for full-line end production projects.

For more than 70 years, DRT has focused on demanding industrial applications, becoming a pioneer in the development of specialised systems for easy-open food and beverage ends.

Will Hoffman, DRT Vice President of Sales and Marketing comments: “Our recent acquisition of CMC (Custom Machining Corporation) adds compound liner systems to our portfolio, bringing us closer to providing a total solution for food and beverage end production lines.

“This subsequent agreement with OEE has the potential to further extend the scope of what we can offer within the global metal packaging industry.”

P. J. Tyson, Global Sales Director at DRT, explains: “We’ve been working with Bruce Jones (Managing Director, OEE) for many years; he is well respected in the industry. What impresses us most is the clear focus on delivering value-added solutions for the customer.

“We feel that now is the time to make this partnership public, to let people know what advantages it can offer.”

Over recent decades DRT has gathered a well-respected portfolio and an established customer base. Now, the group is proactively making strategic acquisitions and connections aimed at organically expanding the reach of its state-of-the-art end conversion systems throughout the global metal packaging industry. Through this collaboration, both parties are hoping to build stronger networks and share resources more widely across the packaging industry.

As well as enriching its portfolio, DRT has been actively involved in driving innovation into the global marketplace, with a new strategic partnership with Meadow. With DRT’s support, Meadow has undertaken a product reveal of a proprietary end and dispenser system for the personal care market, using an infinitely recyclable aluminium cartridge. This project has galvanised interest in the metal packaging market, with ‘Gold Awards’ in the Prototype and Delegate’s Award Category (Popular Vote), at the recent Canmaker Summit.

Making the best better

Founded in 2018 in the UK, OEE Container Technology provides engineering support and process improvement solutions to the packaging market with a primary focus on cans and ends for beverage and food cans. The company has recently won a King’s Award for Enterprise for International Trade, the highest accolade that can be awarded to a UK business.

Bruce Jones (Managing Director) has more than 25 years’ hands-on experience within the sector. He has installed can lines and end modules all over the world and works closely with suppliers to ensure that equipment improves efficiency and productivity for the end customer. This drive for continual improvement is summed up by the company motto: ‘We make the best better’.

Confirming his own enthusiasm for OEE’s formalised partnership with DRT, Jones remarks: “We’ve enjoyed a fruitful relationship with DRT and CMC for a long time, so we already have extensive knowledge of their systems. There are significant synergies with OEE that are especially helpful in delivering turn-key projects. It’s really a win-win for everybody.”

Benefits For All

Commenting on the wider context within the canmaking industry, he adds: “A lot of smaller players have come into the industry in recent years, making their own cans and ends, but they don’t necessarily have deep technical experience. Together with DRT, we can help fill that skills gap and play our part in passing on knowledge to a new generation, which has got to be good for the future of this industry.”

The Preferred Supplier Partnership between DRT and OEE will allow both companies to collaborate on projects at an earlier stage and better understand customer’s needs. It enables a one-stop shop for easy-open end production lines, including conversion systems, tooling, service, and lining solutions. This initial partnership will allow both businesses to expand their opportunity base and offer customers the benefit of their combined expertise and commitment.

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