INX earns prestigious Great Place to Work Certification

INX International was recently acknowledged as one of the best workplace cultures in the United States with a Great Place to Work Certification.

INX earned the employer-of-choice recognition after 71% of its surveyed workforce – 14% points higher than the average US company – indicated that INX has developed an outstanding work environment and employee experience.

A global authority on workplace culture for 30 years, the Great Place to Work organization uses a proprietary platform with groundbreaking research data to help companies evaluate employee experiences. Human capital is a highly valued commodity in today’s business world, and the best strategies, technologies, and resources can only be effectively leveraged by a talented, motivated, and committed workforce.

Bryce Kristo, INX President and CEO, says this certification sends a clear message to current and prospective employees; their well-being matters, and they can expect positive experiences with opportunities for growth.

“One of the key strategies to realize our vision of a colorful, safe, and sustainable world is to develop our employees by creating a culture that allows for growth, collaboration, and creativity,” said Kristo. Like many current and past employees, he has spent the majority of his career at INX. He joined the company in 1991 and assumed his current position last December.

“We measured this effort by benchmarking ourselves against best practices as defined by the Great Place to Work organization. This achievement attests to INX’s strong culture of caring and support. We also value continuous improvement, and I look at this certification as the start of our journey.”

With corporate headquarters and a separate, world-class R&D facility in suburban Chicago, plus manufacturing facilities in states from coast-to-coast, INX employs over 1,200 employees in the US Susan Supergan, the company’s Senior VP of Human Resources, says the certification helps with employer branding, reputation, and credibility.

“From an HR perspective it means employees have an opportunity to learn, grow, and advance with fulfilling opportunities, while receiving competitive pay, great benefits, and working besides the best colleagues. It also reflects the culture of integrity within INX management to do the right thing the right way, for the benefit of employees, customers, brand owners, suppliers and society at large.”

Established 32 years ago, the Great Place to Work Institute has become one of the most internationally recognised authorities on workplace culture. It has expanded a presence with companies in over 60 countries by analysing employee feedback and developing a Culture Audit of company policies and practices. Their annual rankings are published by Fortune magazine and major media outlets.

The benchmarking and continuous improvement processes Kristo mentioned also provided important feedback. Survey results identified areas of strength and potential improvement. This provided clear data points and actionable insights to enhance the workplace culture.

Osmair Victor, HR Talent Management Specialist at INX, says these factors can improve employee productivity and stimulate innovative ideas that lead to product or process improvements, and gives a company a competitive edge in the marketplace.

“In an increasingly competitive marketplace, this certification distinguishes INX as an employer of choice. For current employees, it acts as an affirmation of their choice and helps to boost morale and job satisfaction. Employees feel proud to be associated with a great workplace, and this pride translates to higher retention rates.

“For prospective employees,” continued Victor, “it acts as a stamp of approval. The job market is competitive, and top talent has the luxury of choice. They are increasingly discerning not just about salaries and job roles, but the culture, work-life balance, and values of their potential employers. By being certified, INX elevates itself above many competitors in the eyes of job seekers. Hopefully, it will make it easier to attract and hire the best in the field.”

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