Trivium Packaging wins six awards

Trivium Packaging has been recognised with six awards across the IMDPA Excellence in Quality Awards and The Canmaker’s 2023 Cans of the Year Awards.

At the Cans of the Year Awards, Trivium took home 2 Gold awards in the “Bottles” and “Decoration & Print Quality” categories for its innovation and design for the World Cup collectible aluminium bottle for Anheuser-Busch InBev, Budweiser beer. 

Trivium’s work with Grupo Boticário in creating an impact-extruded aluminium aerosol can for their Malbec X antiperspirant received a Bronze award in the “Decoration & Print Quality” category. 

Awarded Gold in the “Food Two-Piece” category was Trivium’s oval-shaped DRD aluminium can with easy-open for Conservas Antonio Alonso, Palacio de Oriente tuna.

The IMDPA Excellence in Quality Contest honours outstanding companies that have made exceptional quality and precise consistency in their mission in the pursuit of decorating & packaging excellence. 

Trivium Packaging was awarded Best in Category in the “Aerosols and Bottles” category for their packaging design for Chacabuco and received an Award of Excellence for the Anheuser-Busch InBev, Budweiser World Cup aluminium bottles.

Jenny Wassenaar, Chief Sustainability Officer and SVP Global R&D, Trivium Packaging, said: ”We are thrilled to be honoured with these awards. Our teams produce award-winning products every day – seeing their success in prestigious competitions like Cans of the Year, and IMDPA drives us to keep pushing for excellence. 

“Trivium’s success is rooted in our people and our commitment to sustainability and innovation, underlined by the consumer’s desire for sustainable and inventive packaging. Our products are made of 100% infinitely recyclable metal, offer durable product protection, and a unique, modern, and attractive design for each brand partner.”

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