ACTEGA unveils coffee pod innovation

Global coating and sealing specialists ACTEGA’s latest innovation promises to revolutionise aluminium coffee pod recycling. 

The brand’s innovative new ACTEseal heat seal coatings remove the need for PVC. Aluminium coffee capsules covered with coatings containing PVC are difficult to recycle, as combustion of the halogen-containing coating produces substances that can be associated with environmental damage. 

Complex and costly recycling processes with additional filter systems can be required. In addition, legal restrictions on the use of PVC could be on the horizon in Europe.

ACTEseal heat seal coatings do not contain PVC and therefore not only improve the recyclability of coffee capsules but can also help increase the use of circular materials in packaging due to their adhesion to recycled aluminium. 

As well as more sustainability through recycling, the use of the ACTEseal  can reduce CO2 footprints by up to 93%, and meets the highest food safety compliance restrictions. 

The ACTEseal heat seal boasts an excellent sealing seam strength needed for the brewing process, has high burst pressure in stress tests, and is low migration meaning it is suitable for direct food contact. 

Coffee sealed using ACTEseal is protected from contamination from external influences like oxygen, light and moisture. 

The heat seal can be integrated into existing production lines, further boosting the seal’s potential to revolutionise the coffee capsule market. 

Stefan Brandhoff, Vice President of Sales Flexible Packaging EMEA, said: “We believe that our products will become the industry standard in the future and set the bar for responsibly produced packaging.”

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