AkzoNobel launches two new waterborne overprint varnishes

AkzoNobel Packaging Coatings has launched Accelstyle 100 – a waterborne Gloss overprint varnish (OPV), and Accelstyle 200 – a waterborne Matt OPV to give can makers and brand owners external coatings for conventional two-piece aluminum beer and beverage cans that are free from Bisphenol, styrene and PFAS.

Accelstyle 100, matches the performance of AkzoNobel’s standard polyester OPV with excellent can line mobility and pasteurization performance, as well as resistance to necker tooling line pick up. Accelstyle 100, which is BPA-Ni, styrene-free and PFAS-free has already undergone multiple successful large-scale trials and qualifications with key major European can makers.

Similarly, Accelstyle 200 offers best-in-class coating mobility comparable to conventional gloss OPV’s, and it is BPA-Ni, PFAS-free and Styrene-free. AkzoNobel is currently conducting trials with can makers, to optimise the matt prototypes for different gloss levels from ‘soft touch’ high matt to a ‘grippy feel’ mid matt effect (within a range of 10 to 55 units at 60 degree gloss).

Chris Bradford, Industrial Coatings marketing director at AkzoNobel, says the business is giving customers the collaborative support they need to transition to a new future: “We set out our plan at the beginning of the year with a new naming architecture for our beverage can coatings – Accelshield™ for internal coatings and Accelstyle for external coatings – and we made clear our intention to launch new products substantially free from materials of concern,” he explains.

“In line with AkzoNobel’s People, Planet, Paint sustainability pledge, our teams are creating robust alternatives for the market – and Accelstyle 100 and Accelstyle 200 are the first to be launched within the Accelstyle portfolio. These overprint varnishes are already proving their ability to withstand the harsh processing needs of the beverage industry, as well as being able to provide brands with the shelf presence required to standout in a competitive market.”

Accelstyle 100 and Accelstyle 200 both have high abrasion resistance for conventional two-piece aluminum beer and beverage cans and can be seamlessly introduced into existing production processes. This allows can makers to transition to coatings that are free from materials of concern and remain as commercially viable as possible.

“We are inviting coil coaters, can makers or brand owners who want to move away from materials of concern to start testing our new solutions now so that they can take advantage of new technologies at the right time for them,” Chris adds.

The launch of Accelstyle100 and Accelstyle200 follows the launch of AkzoNobel’s first beverage end coating – Accelshield 700 – which is a BPX-Ni (Bisphenol non-intent) coating. Accelshield 700 complies with both Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and EU regulations and provides the metal can packaging industry with a viable and safe alternative for even the most challenging foods and liquids.

For more information on Accelstyle 100 or Accelstyle 200, please visit:  https://packagingcoatings.akzonobel.com/en/beer-beverage-cans/can-bodies

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