Canned Beaujolais Nouveau sold in South Korea

Dutch company IPL Brands BV, based in Amsterdam, known for its premium sparkling wines, has released Beaujolais Nouveau in South Korea. It has chosen to package this iconic French wine in 200ml Wine Cans from Ardagh Metal Packaging (AMP).

Beaujolais Nouveau is a fruity, red wine made from Gamay grapes grown in the regions of Beaujolais and Beaujolais Village, north of Lyon (France). Beaujolais Nouveau belongs to the category “vin de primeur”, which are young wines that are consumed in the same year they are made. It was initially used to celebrate the end of the harvest. Its official release date is the third Thursday of November. Since the 1960s, the wine and its celebration have become increasingly popular throughout France. From there it spread throughout Europe and by the 1980s, North America joined this trend followed by Asia in the 1990s. Then its popularity began to decline but after two decades, Beaujolais is now back in the limelight with an enhanced quality and attracts the younger generation.

Most young wines from France’s Beaujolais region arrive in South Korea by air. Cans are the perfect packaging for freight transport – shatterproof, lightweight, stackable, and easy to handle making optimal use of space during transit. Cans are the perfect packaging for single-serve portions and home deliveries. South Korea ranked as the second most rapidly developing wine market worldwide and has sustained its robust performance into 2022, as reported by the Wine Intelligence Attractiveness Compass Model 2021. Wine is seen very much as a sipping and savouring drink in South Korea and is predominantly consumed at home (approximately 80%). AMP’s Wine Cans offer convenience and practicality for all consumption occasions.

The cans are filled by ICT Drinks (In Can we Trust) which runs specialist canning operations in France. This family-run business opened its new facility recently and it’s entirely dedicated to canning wine. ICT Drinks specialises in packing sensitive and precious beverages. This enables any winemaker, cooperative or merchant to sell their wine in cans, meeting changing consumer demand and expanding their reach to a younger generation.

The design and decoration possibilities of the can are unlimited, from the can end to the entire can body. This creative scope encourages wine producers to choose cans as the perfect packaging to highlight the style of wine. IPL Brands’ attractive can design presents the Eiffel Tower on a red background to reflect the French origin of the wine. Additionally, a matte finish on the can creates a soft touch feeling and gives the product a premium effect.

Jacek Madry, chief commercial officer at Ardagh Metal Packaging Europe, said: “It is really gratifying to see that consumers in Asia can enjoy Beaujolais Nouveau in our cans this year. Our Wine Cans are hermetic to light and air to protect the flavour and aromas of such a young wine.”

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