Crown to participate in COP28

Crown have announced plans to participate in COP28 to discuss aluminium debarbonisation and climate change. 

Amid the ongoing race to slow the pace of climate change, Crown continues to take a proactive role in industry sustainability initiatives. Long-term decarbonisation remains at the forefront of those efforts, with Climate Action and Optimum Circularity as two core pillars of focus within our ongoing Twentyby30 program. 

Crown believes that to drive change and reduce their footprint, they must participate in conversations both up and down the value chain, working with partners and peers to identify and execute solutions for the sector. By being aligned as a collective group, they hope to create a larger, more meaningful impact.

Crown are continuing this collaboration by heading to COP28, the 2023 United Nations Climate Change Conference. As the world’s largest and most prominent annual meeting of the minds on climate-related issues, COP28 serves as a critical forum for various industries to take stock of progress around the Paris Agreement.

This year, Crown plans to participate in two key sessions on site at COP28: 

  • Call to Action – Circularity in the Heavy Emitting Sectors: A Call to Accelerate Aluminium Beverage Can Circularity
  • From Policy to Action, Solving the Waste Challenges

For more information on Crown’s participation at COP28 head to

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